Longdo Map React Native API Reference
`Longdo` Static object
static(type: string, name: string): Object
Get map's static object

Avaliable types and their names
object(type: string, ...args): Object
Create map's object

Avaliable types and their arguments
isSameObject(a: Object, b: Object): boolean
Indicates whether two objects are the same

`Longdo.MapView` Component
call(method: string, ...args): Promise
Call map's methods

Avaliable methods and their arguments, group by method type
objectCall(object: Object, method: string, ...args): Promise
Call map object's methods

Avaliable object's methods and their arguments, group by object type
  • Polyline
  • Polygonextends Polyline
    • containsoverlay: LongdoOverlay
    • unionoverlay: Polygon, options: GeometryOptions
    • intersectionoverlay: Polygon, options: GeometryOptions
    • differenceoverlay: Polygon, options: GeometryOptions
    • splitsplitter: Polygon, options: GeometryOptions
  • Circleextends Polyline
    • Polycurveextends Polyline
      • Dotextends Polyline
        • Rectangleextends Polygon
          • dividecount: int, dir: bool, options: GeometryOptions
        • Layer
        • MergeLayerextends Layer
          • Marker
            • updatenewOptions: MarkerOptions
          • Popup